Agenda Update for Wedneday 12/12 Meeting at 7pm

There has been great activity since our last SIPAPA meeting.  The Board’s Middle School Liaison, Christy Wolf, has had informative meetings with all three middle school teachers and she and, Board President, Peter Dehlinger have also been able to meet with Jordan Middle School’s Principal Greg Barnes.  There is a lot of useful information that will be shared at tonight’s meeting.  Based on recent progress and time constraints, we have update the agenda for tonight’s meeting as follows:

A)  Peter Dehlinger:  Overview of the areas of discussion and aims for the meeting

B)  Principal Greg Barnes:  State of the Program presentation to bring parents up-to-date on the current Spanish curriculum and his meetings with Danae Reynolds and others at Escondido to coordinate the two programs

C)  Christy Wolf:  Presents feedback from Jordan teachers and how parents may be able to contribute to their classroom efforts

D)  Open Forum:  discuss ways that SIPAPA can contribute to the Jordan Spanish program, including assisting teachers with class-related events, contributing to classroom resources (financially and otherwise), sponsoring outside cultural experiences for the students, and by representing SIPAPA in the Escondido/Jordan discussions

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SIPAPA Board Meeting Agenda for Dec. 12th

Questions at this meeting will be limited to the agenda, but parents will have the opportunity to write other questions they may have regarding the SI program at either school on note cards, which the Board will respond to or address at future SIPAPA meetings. We thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping the meeting focused and productive.

SIPAPA Board Meeting Agenda
12/12, Jordan Library, 7PM

I. Overview of the areas of discussion and aims for the meeting

II. Mr. Barnes’s thoughts about the SI program at Jordan– what is working well, and ideas for improving the program that are being considered

III. Areas SIPAPA would like to support changes in:

A. Develop a comprehensive curriculum that expands the program at Jordan

• Obtain curricula or plans used at other SI schools
• Request/fund time for administration and Spanish teachers to visit other schools and meet and collaborate
• Request hiring of Dual Immersion Curriculum Specialist
• Establish and communicate objectives for each grade level

B. Student transitions into and out of the Jordan program

• Develop Student Transition Plan from 5th to 6th grade (Spanish Immersion to Spanish class). Feedback is very positive for Mr. Ezcurra.
• Request/fund additional planning time for middle school teachers
• Transition from 8th to 9th grade– look at Paly’s/Gunn’s 3rd and 4th year Spanish courses and assess optimal placement for our kids

C. Teacher training and resources

• Fund teacher development to help maintain student interest and commitment to the Spanish program
• Are there Spanish materials or supplies that teachers would like for their classrooms?

D. Cultural activities for Spanish students and the Jordan community – parent/SIPAPA supported and organized

• 8th grade trip to a Latin American country
• Local field trips
• Student group w/advisor to organize events and activities based on student interest (performances, local field trips, concerts, etc.)

IV. What can SIPAPA do to strengthen the program?

• Are there any areas where parent feedback, e.g. in the form of surveys, would be helpful?
• Work with Jordan to clarify the “Spanish Lane” curriculum, e.g., by researching SI programs at other middle schools
• Work with the School Board regarding expansion of the Spanish program at Jordan
• Organize and sponsor cultural events
• Establish a working group of parents to follow up on these items, including periodic meetings with representatives from Jordan.

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Info About Next SIPAPA Meeting: Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 7pm, Jordan Middle School

Please mark your calendars to attend the next SIPAPA meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 12th, 7pm at Jordan Middle School Library. Our guest speaker is Mr. Greg Barnes, Principal, Jordan Middle School.

As some of you know, after students graduate from Escondido they may attend Jordan Middle School and participate together in the Spanish language pull-out for 6th graders or the elective for 7th & 8th graders. Parents have expressed both positive comments and concerns about the middle school experience and are sincere about working together with Jordan and the District to make sure the middle school program is high-quality and engaging for SI students, academically and culturally.

Based on parents’ input during the last SIPAPA meeting on November 27th, the Board has created an agenda for the meeting on December 12th specifically related to middle school. This is an excellent opportunity not only for parents of middle school students but for parents of elementary school students interested in positively influencing the program in 6th – 8th grades.

We are looking forward to listening to Mr. Barnes’ perspective and having a productive meeting. We look forward to growing parent attendance and involvement in SIPAPA for our children’s benefit. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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