Spanish Immersion in Palo Alto

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About The Program

The PAUSD Spanish Immersion Program follows nationally recognized educational models based on current research and evaluation of successful immersion programs. The program begins in kindergarten with near full Spanish Immersion and continues through the eighth grade.

Spanish is the primary language of instruction for all students through the early grades with daily periods of English language instruction. Increasing amounts of time are devoted to English instruction as the children progress through the grades.

In elementary school, the curriculum is the same as it is in the district’s other classes, although the majority of class subjects are first taught in the Spanish language. The curriculum is designed in complete accordance with the standards and guidelines set by the State of California and the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD).

In middle school, the sixth grade Spanish Immersion is offered as a core class in language arts and social studies. In the seventh and eighth grades, Spanish Immersion classes are offered as electives. For high school, immersion students currently would take the existing Spanish Language courses.

Two-Way immersion brings together Spanish- and English-speaking students in an effort to develop full bilingualism in both groups.

For information on the difference between Dual, Two-way, and Foreign Language Immersion see the University of Minnesota and Center for Applied Linguistics pages

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” … research consistently finds that the immersion experience actually enhances English language development.”

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Entering the Program

this link will take you to the Escondido Elementary website