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Escondido Spanish Immersion:

Aprenda 3 Background Information

Aprenda® is designed to guide teaching and learning to help ensure that Spanish-speaking students in grades K-12 meet the same challenging academic standards that all students are expected to meet. Teachers can gain valuable information about the progress students are making in their classrooms. Parents will learn what their children know and can do and how they can help.

Aprenda®: La prueba de logros en español, Tercera edición (Aprenda 3) measures the academic achievement of Spanish-speaking students in their native language. It is modeled after its companion English-language test, the Stanford Achievement Test Series, Tenth Edition (Stanford 10). Aprenda® 3 was developed with Latino educators and is a high quality, culturally inclusive Spanish-language test of academic standards.

This instrument provides administrators with valid and reliable data to help evaluate advancement toward meeting the challenges set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act and national and state content standards.

  • Objective measure of achievement
  • Assessment of higher-level thinking
  • Latest standards-based and norm-referenced information
  • Reports to monitor progress toward high expectations
  • Alternative versions for special accommodations

Reports include: Scaled Scores, National and Reference Group Percentile Ranks and Stanines, Grade Equivalents, and Normal Curve Equivalents.


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