SIPAPA Minutes from December 12th Meeting (at Jordan)

Peter Dehlinger, SIPAPA President

Provided overview of meeting:

1) how to facilitate smooth transitions between Escondido/Jordan/Paly for SI kids

2) Spanish curriculum at Jordan

3) how SIPAPA parents can help

Mr. Barnes, Jordan Principal

Mr. Barnes has been working hard over his 1.5 years at Jordan to strengthen the Spanish program for the SI students.  In consultation with Ms. Reynolds, Escondido SI teachers and Spanish teachers at Jordan, he is working to refine the curriculum to strengthen the bridge that Jordan provides between Escondido and Paly/Gunn.  He welcomes the support and input of parents and has invited a SIPAPA representative to join the ongoing meetings between the schools.

Paly has Spanish 3 and Spanish 3H.  Mr. Barnes know less about the program at Gunn but will inquire.

Escondido’s program is conversational and Jordan shifts focus to academic Spanish, which is necessary preparation for Spanish at Paly.

Will dedicate February Coffee with the Principal to address SI’s 8th grade recommendation process with Sra. Porcella.  Encouraged 8th grade parents to meet directly with Caterina Porcella to find out about his/her child’s progress and recommendation to Spanish 3 or 3H.

Christy Wolf, SIPAPA Middle School Liaison

Per her meeting with all three Spanish teachers at Jordan, teachers are happy with students’ progress. Sixth graders are doing very well. When asked if there were any needs, each teacher had a different request.

Eva Trockel needs books (readers) and Caterina Porcella would like time and support for curriculum development, time or help with textbook research; substitute for a day

SI program gets zero funding from the District

One idea is direct appeal of $50/family

(please see below for more ways to help out as SIPAPA parents)

There are specific ways that parents can support the program.  Please consider taking on a role, either big or small, to enrich our middle schoolers’ education and help them stay engaged in Spanish beyond Escondido.

Fundraising efforts are of particular importance because the district does not provide any additional money to the Spanish program at Jordan.  For example, hiring a substitute teacher for a day ($150) could give our teachers time to collaborate with each other or with Paly/Gunn/Escondido teachers (similar to what happens at Escondido).

A few ideas:  (feel free to come up with your own)

1)  Organize a movie night – Movie nights have been fun events that included all Jordan Spanish students in the past.  This could be a fundraiser or just a community builder.

2)  Bake sale, tamale sale….fundraiser of your choice.  If you are willing to take something like this on, alone or in pairs, SIPAPA could put the money to good use.

3)  Apply for a PIE grant

4)  Work with other parents from your class on organizing an 8th grade trip, which requires advanced planning.  This has happened in the past, but will not happen without parent initiative.

5)  Organize a book drive – the classrooms at Jordan would greatly benefit from a wider selection of age appropriate, engaging books in Spanish. 

6)  Provide a liaison between SIPAPA and Paly to look at the other side of the “Spanish bridge” and ways to improve the transition from Jordan to Paly

7)  Organize cultural events at Jordan – performers, dance class, cooking class, field trips, other ideas?

8)  Host lunches at Jordan for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade teachers to collaborate (as we do at Escondido)

 NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, January 8th at Escondido (Library)

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