Agenda Update for Wedneday 12/12 Meeting at 7pm

There has been great activity since our last SIPAPA meeting.  The Board’s Middle School Liaison, Christy Wolf, has had informative meetings with all three middle school teachers and she and, Board President, Peter Dehlinger have also been able to meet with Jordan Middle School’s Principal Greg Barnes.  There is a lot of useful information that will be shared at tonight’s meeting.  Based on recent progress and time constraints, we have update the agenda for tonight’s meeting as follows:

A)  Peter Dehlinger:  Overview of the areas of discussion and aims for the meeting

B)  Principal Greg Barnes:  State of the Program presentation to bring parents up-to-date on the current Spanish curriculum and his meetings with Danae Reynolds and others at Escondido to coordinate the two programs

C)  Christy Wolf:  Presents feedback from Jordan teachers and how parents may be able to contribute to their classroom efforts

D)  Open Forum:  discuss ways that SIPAPA can contribute to the Jordan Spanish program, including assisting teachers with class-related events, contributing to classroom resources (financially and otherwise), sponsoring outside cultural experiences for the students, and by representing SIPAPA in the Escondido/Jordan discussions

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