SI Collaboration Opportunities Across School Districts

This from Margarita Quihuis, SIPAPA Co-President:

Hi everyone,

Part of my day job is working with communities to find points of collaboration. One of my colleagues at Ricoh Innovations is head of the Community Network Services group and is interested in working with me on this crazy idea of forming some sort of cross-school alliance of SI programs so we can share resources, best practices, technology, etc.

We’re in the early stages of putting together a workshop to work with community-based efforts. Is there any interest on your part? Do you want to contribute ideas on what a useful workshop would entail?

What I need from you:

Respond by email if you think this is a good idea worth pursuing.
Indicate your level of participation ( I think it’s a good idea but I personally can’t contribute, I can contribute ideas, I want to participate in the workshop even though I have no idea what the agenda is, I can recruit others, etc.)
Pass the email to parents/educators in the other mid-peninsula SI programs.



email: msquihuis at

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